About Bata Club What is the Bata Club Loyalty Program? etc.

About Bata Club

What is the Bata Club Loyalty Program?


The Bata Club Loyalty Program is amobile-based loyalty program designed exclusively for Bata loyal customers. Theprogram membership entitles you to various rewards and privileges. Justregister your mobile number once with us and quote your mobile number at thebilling desk to accumulate and redeem points every time you shop with us. Nocarrying around of cards needed!


Why should I become a member?

  • To become a part of an exclusive members-only program that promises valuable privileges and rewards.
  • To earn rewards against your purchases in the form of Bata Club Points where each point is equal to one rupiah.


How do I become a member?


To become a member, you need to:

  • Visit and shop at selected Bata stores
  • Provide your mobile number during billing

An instant confirmation SMS will be sent toyour number indicating the completion of the registration process.


How does a mobile based loyalty program work?


We consider your mobile number as your unique identification whichalso serves as member ID. Upon completion of registration process, you willreceive a confirmation message. As a Bata Club member every time you shop with Bata,just quote your registered mobile number at the cash desk. Post billing processyou will receive instant SMS alert with your updated point status and purchasedetails.


All updates, coupons and offers will be communicated to you viaSMS to your registered mobile number. Certain offer messages will also have aunique secure code embedded. To redeem those offers, you just need to show theSMS at the cash desk along with the unique secure code.


How does the bata points work?






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Loyalty Conditions


1000 IDR spent = 1 point accrued


Points expiry of 12 + months end (Fixed expiry)


300 points equals 25,000 IDR


Min. redemption 300 points. Redemption thereafter only in multiples of 150 points




Registration Voucher 25,000 IDR  min purchase of 300,000 IDR (valid for one month)

20% off birthday month with purchase above Rp 300,000 ( valid 1 month from birthday month)

What is the validity of accumulated Bata ClubPoints?


One year from the date of purchase, After 365 days your pointswill be reviewed and you will be issued a mobile coupon, which is valid for thesubsequent 90 days.


What will happen to my points if I don't shopfor a long period of time?


In case you don't shop with us for 365 days at stretch points getexpired, then you will be issued a mobile coupon on the expiry date, which isvalid for the subsequent 90 days.


When & how do I redeem my points?

You can redeem points right from your second purchase with Bata.Reward Points can be redeemed on informing the staff at the cashier desk whowill send a redemption request on your behalf to our server, which will issue avalidation code via SMS to you. The SMS containing this unique code will besent to your registered mobile number, you need to show this code to redeem thepoints. The redemption code will be valid only for 60 minutes after the issue.In case you are unable to redeem due to some reason then a fresh request willhave to be placed with store staff for redemption.


How can I unsubscribe or de-register from theprogram?


You simply need to make a request at the Bata Cashier desk. Youwill be able to choose whether you want to opt out of only the Bata CLubloyalty program or also opt out of receiving updates.